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And I want to help you start freelancing, once and for all.


I'm a content creator, travel addict, passionate teacher, and planning freak!

18 years ago, I was working as a translator at an international company. Living far away from my family, I couldn't stand it that I had to beg for free days to visit them.

The day I quit my job, I felt free. I stopped working for other people's dreams and started working for my own dreams instead.

Now, don't take me wrong. I didn't just quit my job and hope for the best. That's not my style! I had it all planned out. It took time, but it worked! The very same day that I started my new life as a freelancer I had work waiting for me in my inbox.

Let me tell you a secret about becoming self-employed: Changing your mindset might be the first BIG decision you have to make, but you need a clear roadmap to reach such a life-changing goal.

As it was really hard to figure it all out by myself, I decided to put my freelancing expertise to good use and help other women to start turning dreams into plans.

And that is how the Work for YouTM Planner was born.